God, I love this movie! It’s everything an action movie should be. I always waffle back and forth whether I like Part 3 or 4 better and I think it’s a tie at this point. I’ve seen GHOST PROTOCOL five times now and I never get tired of it. It’s just pure fun from start to finish.

The cast is exceptional and the situations IMF get themselves into are…well…truly impossible. Even knowing how they manage to succeed, it’s still a nail-biter. There really isn’t much more to say about this movie other than it’s a MUST SEE MOVIE! (Check out my MUST SEE MOVIES – ACTION list coming soon)
While I’ve got your attention, I’ll give you my thoughts on the rest of the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE series. The first film to me is just okay. It has some now classic scenes but it really lacks the joy the last two entries have and it’s just barely a GRADE: B to me.

The second film M:I-2 is a complete bust. I have tried to like this movie especially because I am a big fan of John Woo, but it’s listless and just a slog to get through. Even with gifting it some good will, the best I would rate it is a GRADE: C-.

Thankfully J.J. Abrams resurrected the series from the dead with M:I-3, which is amazing in so many ways, most notably the villain, masterfully portrayed by Phillip Seymour Hoffman. It’s a powerful role, which truly adds intensity to the film that elevates the material quite a bit. M:I-3 also appears on my MUST SEE MOVIES list.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2013