THE BLOB (1988)

As far as remakes go, THE BLOB ain’t so bad. Pretty much following the central plot of the original Steve McQueen 1950’s creature-feature, it updates its main characters and adds some new twists while still paying homage.

Made before the digital revolution the film relies on ever type of practical FX in the toolbox. Some of these (like the Make-Up FX) hold up quite well, while others like some of the optical compositing not so much. There’s also a use of miniature photography that is unfortunately hit and miss as well. But as I have said in the past, I can forgive bad FX if they are in service of a good story and THE BLOB delivers on that.
The movie was directed by Chuck Russell after earning his wings on the fan favorite A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3: DREAM WARRIORS and he shares screenplay credit with THE WALKING DEAD’s Frank Darabont (Check out my MAD review of THE MIST).

For a “B” horror movie, the remake is a smart film and tries to elevate the material the best a movie about a killer hunk of Jell-O can. Time was spent fleshing out the main characters to make them more three-dimensional than most monster movie fodder typically is and there is a real palpable sense of oozing peril.

This isn’t high art and the movie doesn’t take itself 100% seriously, but it does entertain and there are some highly effective (and nauseating) sequences that tweak genre conventions as well as genre taboos. So if you want a fun little movie that just seems to get it right, than you could do a lot worse than THE BLOB.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2013