THE MIST (2007)

As far as I’m concerned THE MIST is a masterpiece of modern horror. Rejected by many because of its nihilistic ending, it is a movie that endures and still haunts to this day. Plus if you are a fan of THE WALKING DEAD, not only do you get many of the same themes that are explored, but you get a great many of the actors from the series as well (This is because Frank Darabont directed the film and was later a Producer of TWD)
If I would levy any complaint against the movie, it would be that sometimes the rhetoric gets a smidge too heightened at times. The movie is a LORD OF THE FLIES scenario where we witness the best and worst in humanity as it’s stripped of its creature comforts. When you add a strong dose of fear and the unknown, the downfall of man tumbles even faster.
For those who have not seen the film, the scenario posited is that an all-encompassing mist has rolled over a small Maine town and there is something dangerous within it. What that is, I will no spoil, but it is terrifying and truly places the audience in a situation to ask what would you do in this situation.

The tension gets ratcheted up quite a bit due to a religious nut job fiercely portrayed by Marcia Gay Harden. Her character is the main catalyst to the human drama within the unfortified grocery store where the town’s last remnants have taken refuge. You know at some point, something has got to give and folks it’s not pleasant.
I final word of warning, this is a rough journey and reminds me in many ways of THE ROAD, but it’s a MUST WATCH MOVIE. Just don’t say, I didn’t warn you first. The ending is a doozy.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2013