I’m a fan of Tarantino and have a genuine respect for his films and his unique voice. Some I like more than others, but he always presents a fascinating point of view. I had only seen JACKIE BROWN one time previously and that was during its theatrical release. I remember liking it but not being blown away. So given that it’s 15 years later, I was curious to see how I would react to it, especially off the high that is Tarantino’s latest, DJANGO UNCHAINED (a MUST SEE MOVIE if there ever was).
An adaptation of the late Elmore Leonard’s “Rum Punch”, I’m happy to report that JACKIE BROWN is pure entertainment from beginning to end. I just sat back and enjoyed this complex crime caper told with a deliberate pace and filled with well-realized and engaging characters and exceptional dialogue.
Filled with an oddball cast ranging from Pam Grier and the always-dependable Samuel L. Jackson to Robert Forster and Michael Keaton, Tarantino is able to take these seemingly contrasting talents and create a world where it makes complete sense that they would inhabit it. The biggest revelation of the movie is the chemistry between Grier and Forster, which is the emotional core of the movie. Only someone as deft as Tarantino could make this work so effortlessly.
If you haven’t seen JACKIE BROWN, I highly recommend giving it a try, especially if you’re a fan of FX’s JUSTIFIED. Elmore Leonard will be missed.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2013