After my renewed interest in the HALLOWEEN franchise due to the unexpected thrill that was Part 4, HALLOWEEN 5: THE REVENGE OF MICHAEL MYERS was a bit of a let down mostly because it squanders most of the good will that its predecessor reaped. 

The story picks up after the events of Part 4, we come to realize that Michael did not perish in the old mine pit, but escaped down river where he was cared for by an old man while in (yet another) coma for exactly a year. 

Jamie (Danielle Harris), traumatized by last year’s events has been hospitalized and is unable to talk due to the psychological ordeal. But she’s been having visions of her uncle and Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasance) is convinced that Michael isn’t dead and is planning on a return visit to finish what he started. 

Meanwhile Rachel (Ellie Cornell) is getting on with her life and she and her friend Tina (Wendy Kaplan) are making plans for a Halloween getaway. That is until Michael returns and dispatches Rachel on his way to locating Jamie. Tina must step in and help Jamie, as she’s become a pawn in both Michael and Dr. Loomis’ power struggle. 

Unlike HALLOWEEN 4, Part 5 feels rushed and not well thought out. The story is plagued with a number of plot holes and the characters do dumb things. There are also some odd comedic elements thrown in that just fall flat. 

I also resented that they killed off Rachel who is a character that I invested in from the previous film. I know that can be used for great affect, but it’s done in such a callous and ham-fisted way that it loses any impact. Plus her friend Tina who is pretty much a clone of Rachel, but just a little peppier, replaces her character almost immediately.

It’s a real shame too because it was starting to look like the series had a fresh start only to be dragged down again so quickly. Unfortunately the next chapter would put another nail in the coffin and almost kill the franchise for a second time.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2014