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SEPTEMBER 25, 2014

The Weinstein’s Dimension films took over the HALLOWEEN franchise the year before they would have their great success with the SCREAM franchise. Even though it’s a year earlier, HALLOWEEN – THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS still has more in common with the doomed Woodsboro kids than those of Haddonfield. In other words, it doesn’t really feel like a HALLOWEEN movie. Not only that, but the beleaguered production (more on that later) is so mishandled that it is by far one of the worst of the series. 

Picking up 6 years after HALLOWEEN 5, poor Jamie Llyod (J.C Brandy) has been held captive by a cult that worships Michael Myers. Somehow impregnated (Is her Uncle the baby’s father?), she gives birth only to have the child taken away from her.

But one of the cult’s nurses has second thoughts and gives Jamie the means to escape with her child. Unfortunately, she doesn’t make it very far and is killed by Michael. But the baby has been hidden and his found by Tommy Doyle (Paul Rudd in his screen debut). Yes, the same Tommy Doyle who was terrorized by THE SHAPE way back in the original HALLOWEEN

When Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasance in his last screen performance) catches wind of the return of his arch nemesis, he comes out of retirement for one last round. 

Also worked into this entirely too convoluted and convenient plot are members of the Strode family and the mysterious “Man in Black” who released Michael from his cell at the end of PART 5. 

The film is a complete mess and there are reasons too numerous to mention why. The most egregious being that it just doesn’t feel like it belongs in the series and sticks out like a sore thumb. It doesn’t have the same tone or mood as the previous entries and feels too contemporary for it’s own good. 

The real tragedy of HALLOWEEN 6 is that the writer Daniel Farrands was a huge fan of the series and did his best to service the fans. But due to extreme meddling from the studio as well as differing of opinions between the Director and the producers, the script didn’t have a chance. The theatrical version sure isn’t a good adaptation… but then neither is the finally released “Producer’s Cut” either. 

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