SEPTEMBER 26, 2014

HALLOWEEN 666 - Producer's Cut (1995)

One of the main reasons I was particularly excited about owning the new Blu-Ray release of the HALLOWEEN franchise (other than having them all in Hi-Def) was the inclusion of the long storied “Producer’s Cut” of HALLOWEEN 6 also known as HALLOWEEN 666. Having pretty much written off the theatrical version, I am always curious to see a “what might have been”scenario, especially if the released version was a disaster. 

The best I can say about the “Producer’s Cut” is that, well…it’s certainly different. It’s hard to quantify if it’s actually better because like the theatrical cut it still doesn’t work as an addition to the franchise. There’s just something intrinsically wrong with it that no amount of editing or finagling will solve. 

The major difference is that it has a more ROSEMARY’S BABY feel and a little more cohesive plot. This is most evident in the third act, which plays out very differently with the cult front and center instead of some odd medical experiments. 

I found that the documentaries about the doomed project were far more entertaining (and scary) than the film itself.

The real tragedy was the exclusion of original Jamie Lloyd actress Danielle Harris. She had expressed interest in returning to the role, but from what the documentaries explain, the producer’s balked at her (more than reasonable) fee and instead of trying to make it work, decided to hire another actress. This was the first of many bad calls especially given that Harris’ Jamie Llyod was a fan favorite and might have classed up the production enough to warrant watching it. 

Having barely survived the first disaster, which was HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH, the producers really botched it with this entry. I’m amazed that this wasn’t the last of the films.

But once again it was SCREAM to the rescue and due to it’s success, it lead the way to warrant the reinvention of the grandfather of Slasher Films once more with a 20th anniversary installment that they hoped would once again resuscitate the seemingly unstoppable Michael Myers.