Dear lord, I really dislike HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION. I hadn’t seen it in many years and it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I watch it. By far the worst entry in the franchise (which includes stinkers like PART 6 and the Rob Zombie reboot PART 2), it tries to capitalize on the found footage explosion and rise of reality TV. 

The film begins with Laurie Strode locked away in a mental hospital due to the fact that the person she beheaded in the previous film was not in fact her brother Michael, but an unlucky paramedic (don’t ask. It literally defies any and all logic). Michael comes calling and this time he’s the victor… and that’s a wrap on Jamie Lee Curtis. 

The “real” story involves a group of college students who are going to spend the night locked in Michael’s actual home for the benefit of a live-streamed web show produced by Freddie Harris (Busta Rhymes… Yes! I said Busta Rhymes!). He’s assisted by Nora Winston (Tyra Banks), so you know this is going to be quality programming. 

As you can imagine, on this night Michael decides to “Come Home” yet again and he’s not too thrilled with the unwelcomed visitors. So they get killed as you’d expect. 

Directed by HALLOWEEN II’s Rick Rosenthal, RESURRECTION feels like the most cynical cash grab you can possibly imagine. It’s like every box is check for maximum marketing potential. It doesn’t matter if the movie is any good or not, you’ve got all the elements needed for a trailer that will bring in every and all demographics. 

If there were a final nail in the HALLOWEEN franchise coffin, HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION would be it. It’s not worth watching other than to see a young Kattee Sackoff (pre-Battlestar Galactica). 


SEPTEMBER 28, 2014


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